Various Ways for Presenting an Article

With attention to the decisions of the Strategic Council of the Conference and according to the decision of the Scientific Committee, the articles are in the formats of: 1. Scientific-research articles, 2. Articles or Critical-analytical reports, 3. Scientific-promotional articles (review), 4. Research projects, and 5. Case Studies that are aligning with the conference, will be accepted and placed in the process of arbitration. Also articles are in 3 shapes. 

Also the articles are in 3 shapes:

A- Presentation (including verbal or speech)

B- Poster, and

C- Print on the set of articles that will be accepted.

It should be noted that, all articles that finalize their publication are published in all three above mode (conference book and CDs). Please be careful about the method of presenting and how to set the accuracy of final file of articles in the conference proceedings.